Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufactured in New England

For nearly fifty years, Newport Sterling has been recognized as one of the oldest and most respected silver jewelry wholesale manufacturers in the United States. Our 15,000 square foot facility, located on beautiful Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, is responsible for each and every piece we make. As a silver jewelry designer following the tradition of New England silversmiths, we use only the highest quality processes when making our wide assortment of die struck sterling silver picture frames, key chains, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, rings, baby gifts and more. Few online retailers out there can make our guarantee: the authenticity and quality of our 100% American made luxury jewelry and fine gifts.



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Sterling Heart Is A Treasure Of A Gift - 2/4/2013

When Valentine's Day comes around, a sterling heart is a sweet way to say, "I love you." Hearts make great collectibles, especially for a special woman in your life who has a big heart herself.

My mother loved hearts. She was't much of a diamond lady, but she sure appreciated any jewelry that included a heart design. It appears that her legacy lives on, because her grand daughters also love to wear hearts.

One of our most popular heart designs is our open heart necklace. The heavy cable necklace makes a bold and stunning statement with a classic style.

Heavy link cable chains in sterling silver are special additions to a luxury jewelry collection. Add a heart to a thick sterling chain, and you've got a fine accent for daytime into evening fashion.

Bold pieces of costume jewelry come and go in fashion seasons. And even if  costume jewelry has a high price tag. it can still look tacky. But imagine the appreciation you will feel, when your significant other wears a bold statement in sterling. Here is an example of a classic sterling heart, perfect for your personalized mesage. 

But the beauty of sterling is lasting and ageless. The elegant women I know either have, or desire, luxury pieces made wth fine metals. When giving a presen to a special ladyt, be it for Valtentine's Day, a birthday, or for any celebration , make it a fine heart.

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Sterling Cufflinks Show Accomplishment And Class - 12/19/2012
The mention of sterling silver cufflinks conjures up the image of a butler holding an engraved pair out on a tray for a fine gentleman. This dreamy image implies class, accomplishment and leadership. The cufflink set is a beautifully designed piece of jewelry that creates distance from the pedestrian plastic button.
I suppose it’s silly, but a certain nostalgic pride rises up inside when I wear silver cufflinks. My father used to sell cufflinks in luxury box sets as corporate awards. Sales people, executive managers and other top staff were proud to wear those opulent awards on their sleeves, as it were.
My father used to say, “If you’re going to sell anything, make sure it’s top quality.  There’s always a market that appreciates well-made luxury items.

Sterling Cufflinks Are Top Quality In Silver

Pure silver is way too soft to be used for jewelry and other ornamental objects. Sterling silver forms when another metal, such as copper, is added to the silver creating a hardy and tough combination. While it is not as sturdy as stainless steel, sterling silver jewelry is nonetheless durable and long-lasting. Cufflinks made from sterling silver, not solid silver, are the coveted gift.

Sterling Cufflinks with a Classic Design

Our hand polished heavy round sterling silver cuff links add a classic finished look to your favorite dress shirt. We can engrave them for you with initials or a monogram.
Are you a business owner, or senior partner in a firm, and would like to reward your top team players? Corporate gifts like these sterling cufflinks are beginning to pop up at conventions, leadership award banquets and other events where high stake incentives are appreciated. My father would laugh in pride if he knew about some of the top class destinations the company cufflinks made it to.
You will make a big splash when you give a pair to a close colleague, or get quantity for the whole team that made the leadership board. Click here for sterling cufflinks ordering details.

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Tips on Preserving Sterling Silver Jewelry - 8/1/2011

Buying sterling silver jewelry is a long term decision because it emanates a timeless appeal. Wouldn’t you want to prolongthe life of your luxury jewelry and preserve it for a long time? If you have a sterling silver jewelry collection, below are some tips to help you.


Sterling Silver Jewelry Tips For Tender Loving Care

1. Use a Jewelry Box. Jewelry boxes are created for a reason. Use them to store your sterling silver jewelry. Silver jewelry manufacturers also advise you to store sterling silver inside a zip lock bag before storing it inside the jewelry box. I\Because of silver's tendancy to tarnish, it’s also best not to store sterling silver together with pearls, gold and any other kind of jewelry. Some boxes have dividers and sections, which are also pretty useful.

2. Use Soft Tools To Clean Silver. Scratches and abrasives can ruin sterling silver jewelry so you must be very careful when using cloth for cleaning. A gentle cloth will not only remove lotion, makeup or chemicals from the jewelry but also will make the jewelry shinier. Tarnish is the biggest issue among customers and it’s important to make sure that jewelry is polished by silver jewelry manufacturers every now and then.

3. Dip And Buff. Sterling silver dips are also cleaning solutions designed for sterling silver. Silver jewelry manufacturers typically do this. By dipping the silver jewelry in and out of the cleaning solution, it will help bring out the shine of the jewelry and make it look shiny again. Buffing the jewelry with a soft cotton cloth after using the cleaning dip can also help take out all the chemical residues.

4. Pins For Undoing Knots. Tangles and knots are also quite common with jewelry necklaces. To solve this problem, use a pin as the tool for loosening the knots and straighten out the strands. This can also result to breaking the silver jewelry altogether so taking it to silver jewelry manufacturers to for disentangling is also a good idea. Tucking the jewelry inside a case neatly avoids unwanted loops.


The value of jewelry diminishes once it has been damaged so these tips are very useful not only for sterling silver but other jewelry pieces. To browse a few of top-notch sterling silver pieces, click on our product catalog. Look for related posts on silver jewelry care.

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What Sets Sterling Silver Apart from Other Jewelry - 8/1/2011

Sterling silver jewelry is favored by many because of its elegance and appeal that is "just right." Sterling silver accessories, earrings and necklaces is appropriate for almost every occasion and compliments most colors. Read the other characteristics below to find out what sets sterling silver apart and might even make you think about having a collection of your own.

To be more specific, .925 sterling silver is preferred by jewelry aficionados because they don't lose appeal over time and are just as dazzling as gold and pearls yet not too expensive. The trademark .925 sterling silver means that it is not made of pure silver. This is not a bad thing because generally, silver is too soft to be molded into a bracelet or a necklace. Sterling silver jewelry manufacturers mix them with other metals for them to be turned into jewelry.

Silversmiths and sterling silver jewelry manufacturers also use the 925 trademark to ensure the authenticity of jewelry pieces they are selling. When purchasing items for a collection, you need to find a store that has not only intricate pieces but also customer service. This will come in handy in the long run especially if you have your jewelry cleaned, restored or repaired.

Do you want to make your collection more personal? Take it to your sterling silver jewelry manufacturer and have your initial or name engraved to make the jewelry piece more meaningful. Jewelry can also be used as a precious gift for your loved ones. A necklace, pendant, ring or silver accessories is good for birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebrations.

Finally, the key is to going to a trusted sterling silver jewelry manufacturer such as Newport Sterling. We are a personalized sterling silver jewelry and fine gifts store that has been making jewelry for nearly 50 years. With the use of high quality processes, we guarantee the quality of our authentic sterling silver products.

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Sterling Silver Worth - 6/27/2011

As many of you know, sterling silver is a precious metal that is more affordable than golds or diamonds. What makes sterling silver popular are the designs and the wide assortment. You can easily spot a genuine Sterling silver jewelry manufacturer in your area who can suggest the best sterling silver jewelry item for you. Now the question is, is sterling silver worth it?


Silver is sometimes referred to as "poor man's gold" due to the price comparison. However, when it comes to luster and design, silver has a decent quality built to last. The life span of sterling silver jewelry depends on cleanliness and the person wearing it. Bringing it to a sterling silver manufacturer for cleaning will not increase the value, but will keep it from depreciating and tarnishing.


Silver jewelry collections are also common because it's easy to obtain a few pieces that you can mix and match. Sterling silver is not limited to jewelry alone. There are actually items that are manufactured with sterling silver such as letter openers, business card holders and money clips. Sterling silver flatware is also a wise investment because they can be used for display yet are still functional.


Believe it or not, some people develop skin allergies from metals. Sterling silver has said to have no allergic reactions to most people even when worn for a long time so this is another advantage. Earrings are the most common jewelry pieces that cause allergies.


To answer the question, sterling silver is worth it. It may not be as expensive as gold, but with the same luster and shine, you can be assured that you are getting the most out of your money. Buying from a reliable sterling silver jewelry manufacturer can also get rid of your worries about buying replicas and imitations.

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The Distinctive Charm of Sterling Silver - 6/27/2011

Diamond rings, wedding rings, and even class rings are three of the most common varieties of silver accessories. Silver is a precious metal that is known for its graceful designs and polished gemstones with different colors. The mixture of the metal and stones give off a classy and fashionable design for everyone. In fact, some people actually have a silver jewelry collection.


Silver jewelry manufacturers make use of silver plus other metals to make up sterling silver jewelry. Necklaces and pendants, for instance, are considered as silver jewelry staples because they are appropriate for any occasion and can also be used daily to complement an outfit. Online stores such as Newport Sterling has a wide list of sterling silver jewelry- from earrings to accessories and silver baby gifts.


Tarnish is common in silver jewelry that has been present for long. This can be solved by taking it to silver jewelry manufacturers for cleaning or maintenance. Keeping your jewelry clean will also make it last long.  Tarnish and other scratches can also decrease the value of the sterling silver jewelry so you should devote time in cleaning the jewelry.


If you must replace sterling silver jewelry, it's readily affordable. They don't cost a lot which means you can own more than one piece and even consider getting jewelry sets. The precious stone also makes it the ideal gift for your loved one. To be able to find genuine sterling silver, only purchase from trusted silversmiths and silver jewelry manufacturers. Remember to look for the “.925 sterling silver stamp or mark to make sure that you are not wasting your money on fake jewelry.


Finally, sterling silver is more than just a fashion trend. Its distinctive charm wows both men and women because they easily match the person’s preference and at the same time exuding a radiant vibe.


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The Scoop on Silver Accessories - 6/27/2011

Silver is a precious metal that is a combination of simplicity and elegance. Its timeless appeal attracts men and women and it’s easy to spot silver accessories that are appropriate for your taste. Below is the scoop on silver jewelry including why, when and where you should shop for genuine sterling silver accessories.


Why silver?
Silver accessories are less expensive than other gemstones and metals. The sparkle, however, is at par with other gemstones and the variety of choices is also pretty extensive. There is also a lot of manufacturers and dealers of silver accessories such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces so finding a piece that you like is easy.

What kind of silver accessory should you start with?
If you are the kind of person that has an affinity with matching accessories, you should buy an earring and necklace. This is a good start because silver accessories can be eye-catching without overpowering the entire wardrobe.

When can you wear silver accessories?
The answer is basically anytime. You can always wear silver accessories to work, to parties, and even formal events. Moreover, you can give them to your friends as presents. Some sterling silver manufacturers, such as Newport Sterling, offers silver accessories that can be engraved so you can customize the item or even drop a line or two.

Where should you get them?
The assortment of silver accessories out in the market is also an opportunity for other people to take advantage. Beware of second-rate and fake silver accessories as they may be sold anywhere. If you are buying from a boutique, ask the silver manufacturer where the “.925 sterling silver” sign is, and be aware for signs that the jewelry you are buying is authentic.

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Popular Silver key rings - 4/25/2011

Aside from holding keys, silver key rings can be given out as corporate giveaways and tokens of appreciations. They are not too lavish but exude style and personality of the person using it. Each key ring can also have a unique design and fully customizable because initials and letters can be engraved in them. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. There is a variety of designs of the silver key rings for men and women. Among the popular designs are:

Heart-shaped silver key rings are very popular as with any other jewelry item. They make great gifts for women especially if they contain the initials or nickname of the person wearing it. In weddings, they are sometimes used as tokens of participations for the bridesmaids.

For the gentlemen, the details of silver key rings that are popular are the ones that are very sporty such as the Tennis Racquet on Dual Ball. This key ring is very trendy and putting on the keys are also effortless. Removing the keys is also a breeze and this is why a lot of guys like using this style.

Couple items are very popular nowadays, and the Initial Roundel can be considered one of them. Silver key rings of this style can be used by couples because they can easily engrave initials in it and use it at the same time.

If you are feeling patriotic, then the Patriotic Heart and Wavy Flag on Dual Ball silver key rings might be the best choice for your keys. They are embellished with the American flag design and are also very patriotic and make good accessories because of the modern design.
There are other designs of silver key rings that can be purchased as gifts or for personal use.

Before making a decision, it will be very helpful to make sure that the silver key rings are made of .925 sterling silver. This can be verified by buying accessories from a trusted sterling silver manufacturer.


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Unique Gift Ideas for Silver Baby Gifts - 4/25/2011

When giving out baby gifts, you don't just have to please the baby but the parents as well. Shopping for a gift can be a lot of fun, especially because of the variety of options out there. However, if you are running out of unique ideas to give to a baby, here are a few ideas for baby gifts:

If you want a unique baby gift that the baby will surely enjoy when he grows up, you can put together a scrapbook-type time capsule that contains the baby’s first few pictures. Once the baby grows up, this is a very unique gift for not just the baby but for the parents as well.

Silver baby gifts such as a training spoon or fork is very useful and is a collector's edition. This will make the parents of the baby happy and can also pass it on to their other kids in the future. They have classic designs and also make learning to eat very easy. If you want more variety, you can also consider the silver baby feeding spoon with a teak handle.

Personalized silver baby gifts also make unique gift ideas because the initials of the baby can always be engraved in sterling silver. Similar to diaper bags, towels and bibs, sterling silver can also include the baby’s initials or nickname.

The baby might still not appreciate it, but giving silver baby gifts such as a necklace set or pendant is a very elegant and smart idea because they are keepsakes and can stand the test of time. Some pendants also have mother-and-child charms are also very symbolic and are among the gifts that the child can treasure until the child grows up.

Newport Sterling has a wide selection of silver baby gifts for your baby. From training spoons to jewelry, you can be sure that the precious gift is one that the child will remember for a long time.

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Unique Silver accessories for the Workplace - 4/25/2011

Nothing polishes off a look like sterling silver. Whether it's a formal occasion or an ordinary day at work, silver accessories such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces are always a hit for both men and women. Apart from the three silver jewelry staples, let us look at other silver accessories that look as stunning.


Silver brooches are commonly used by women to enhance outfits in the workplace or dresses for lavish affairs. Similar to tiaras that are used in the head, silver brooches are very useful because they don't outshine the wardrobe and can easily adapt to an outfit. Silver accessories are not limited to jewelry alone. They can also be useful items such as money clips. These sterling silver money clips are used to keep cash and credit cards in a very fashionable way, especially for men that do not wish to carry a wallet around. They are very convenient and can easily fit in one's pocket.


Who says men cannot accessorize in the office? Silver accessories such as shirt studs can be very striking and can be worn over dress shirts. The shirt studs are often used for formal events, but they are also functional because they can be used as button replacements.


Exchanging business cards during a meeting is very common and having a sterling silver business card case will neatly tuck in your cards. Business card holders are classic sterling silver accessories because they can even be engraved with your initials or name. They are very versatile and can be used by both men and women.


The sterling silver Swiss Army pocket knife is another essential because it’s very handy and useful. The compact set of tools is composed of a knife and scissors that can be used for travel. Similar to the business card holder, this set of silver accessories can also be engraved and personalized.


When looking for sterling silver accessories, be sure to purchase in a store that sells genuine products like Newport Sterling. This will get you your money’s worth and at the same time, very durable.

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2011 Trend for Sterling Silver Jewelry - 3/28/2011

The first quarter of the year is almost up; fashion trends have come and gone, and to complement the clothes, we need accessories to go with them. Sterling silver is one trend in jewelry that rarely goes outdated. From sterling silver earrings, to bracelets and necklaces- you can never go wrong with wearing sterling silver to a special occasion all-year round. Let's take a look at three basic sterling silver jewelry pieces that are part of this year's trends.


  • Earrings. Reserved women can always choose sterling silver studs that have gemstones that don’t attract a lot of attention. Dangling earrings such as Newport Sterling's double scallop shell earrings, on the other hand, can very well accentuate your outfit and highlight your face. They are more striking but still don’t overpower the entire look.
  • Bracelets. French rope and charm bracelets are two of the most popular choices, especially if they are engraved with initials by a sterling silver manufacturer. Pendants can be as simple as round tags or in different shapes such as the heart, seahorse, or letters that stand for the person’s initials.
  • Necklaces. Sterling silver necklaces are timeless because they go well with almost every occasion, especially when matched with a pendant or locket. When giving them out as presents, you can also add flair by requesting your sterling silver manufacturer to engrave your initials in the pendant. Men prefer thicker chains and women usually opt for more subtle and thin designs.

Women have a stronger affinity to jewelry compared to men, but we all need a classic pair of silver accessories from a trusted sterling silver manufacturer.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry Buying Tips - 3/28/2011

Women are fond of jewelry because one can never have too many and they make excellent ornaments. Sterling silver jewelry is high-quality jewelry that is not too expensive but durable. If you are clueless about how to buy jewelry as a present, consider these buying tips from a silver jewelry manufacturer.


Choose a design that will make a statement. The type of jewelry will depend on the woman's personality. If you want her to wear the jewelry every day, choose a casual design. A pair of stud earrings with a basic sterling silver bracelet is a safe choice. Necklaces and rings are more special so these are seldom used as gifts for the first time.


Make sure the jewelry is made of genuine sterling silver. Visit a trusted silver jewelry manufacturer because giving fake jewelry is a no-no. Verify by checking the .925 sterling silver jewelry seal and be very meticulous before purchasing them. Sterling silver can easily be copied and low-class jewelry are prone to tarnish.


Preserve the quality of the jewelry by taking it to a silver jewelry manufacturer regularly. Cleaning solutions may be available if you prefer to clean the jewelry by yourself. Store the jewelry at room temperature away from sunlight and be careful not to mix it with other jewelry.  Avoid scratching them to avoid having dents.


Consider different options. There are a lot of silver jewelry manufacturers in the Internet as well as in malls. Online stores might be a bit risky because you can't touch and see the jewelry physically. The key is to read testimonials and buy from a reputable artisan and trusted silver jewelry manufacturer.

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Understanding What .925 Sterling Silver Means - 7/29/2010

How many times have you stumbled upon the term “.925 sterling silver?” If you’re not familiar with what this means, the number refers to the percentage of pure silver used in any given sterling silver item. Pure silver is considered to be too soft to be used, so the typical silver
manufacturer combines the material with other metals like copper, zinc and platinum to achieve the optimum blend of quality and durability. And in addition to adding ductility, this process also protects sterling silver from tarnishing.

It’s this standard of quality that sets sterling silver apart from other metals. Even items that are used daily are resistant to smudges and discoloration and its properties make it relatively easy to maintain and clean. To guarantee quality, we recommend doing business with a qualified silver manufacturer who can verify its products’ quality and manufacturing processes.

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Can Sterling Silver Jewelry Be Repaired? - 7/29/2010

Luster and shine are two of the first things people notice about jewelry, but wear and tear from factors like pollution and plain old everyday use, are bound to occur. And this raises a question about maintaining sterling silver’s lust and shine, “If my jewelry is tarnished, can it be restored and/or repaired?”


Luckily, there are cleaning chemicals that can be used to safely and effectively clean sterling silver. Oftentimes these products can be purchased from a sterling silver jewelry manufacturer or local jeweler, and in many instances these businesses also offer to clean your jewelry for you. But if you’re determined to do it yourself, here are a couple things that you should keep in mind:


Sterling silver dips and cleaning solutions can leave hard-to-get-rid-off residues, so make sure to carefully follow the cleaning instructions and you’ll have a much easier time restoring your jewelry to its original state of splendor.


Baking soda is a commonplace household item that is said to be an effective cleaner for sterling silver. It can act as a quick fix to get rid of surface scratches and unwanted marks quickly and easily.


Well-made sterling silver jewelry is sturdy and therefore you shouldn’t need to repair it all that often. So if you’re tired of frequent repairs, you should consider replacing your lower-quality items with sterling silver jewelry – it will definitely save you time and probably money (by avoiding repairs) in the long run!


If you’re unsure of the quality of jewelry you’re looking to buy, it might be a good idea to contact a sterling silver jewelry manufacturer. By getting your jewelry direct from the manufacturer, they can vouch for the quality of your new piece(s) and you can rest easy!

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The Value of Sterling Silver Jewelry - 7/27/2010

Many people have a hard time deciding on the right piece of jewelry – “Should I buy gold, silver,sterling silver, or something else?” If you’re looking for an attractive combination of quality and price, sterling silver is certainly an attractive option. Below are some of the top reasons why you’d want to buy jewelry from a sterling silver manufacturer.


Increasing value: With the price of precious metals increasing tremendously over the past few years, sterling silver jewelry has become more than a high-quality accessory –it now doubles as a savvy investment. Gold may still be the “gold standard” but investing in .925 silver jewelry from a trusted sterling silver manufacturer can help to enhance your personal net worth over time.

Timeless appeal: Sterling silver bracelets, earrings and necklaces have a classic feel,and yet they remain practical for everyday use. Silver is extremely versatile – whether you’re “going casual” or dressing up for a more formal event, it quite easy to find a piece of jewelry that can fit most any outfit. Purchasing this jewelry from a genuine sterling silver manufacturer can also assure that your jewelry is heirloom quality.

Variety of Designs: Sterling silver is quite common, but if you want jewelry that’s unique,you should locate a sterling silver manufacturer who is capable of customizing pieces for you. Many sterling silver items can be engraved relatively inexpensively - this is often done for pendants and charms, and can make special occasions like graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays.


And one additional note of importance, there can be a huge quality difference between sterling silver and silver-plate jewelry. To avoid buying jewelry that won’t be able to stand the test of time, be sure to purchase your jewelry from a genuine sterling silver manufacturer.

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Sterling Silver Variations - 7/12/2010

With the luster, color, and brightness of silver, it is clearly one of the most decorative and fashionable metals through the years. Silver is commonly seen in jewelry, but other variations and uses of silver include dinnerware and flatware. This goes to show how flexible sterling silver is.

Sterling silver, also known as .925 sterling silver is used in earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Since pure silver is not malleable and hard to turn into jewelry, other metals like copper and alloy are mixed with silver to come up with sterling silver. When a silver manufacturer uses sterling silver for jewelry, different gemstones like diamond and crystals also make intricate designs.

No matter how the silver manufacturer designed the jewelry, sterling silver requires little or no maintenance. It doesn’t tarnish easily with proper care and storage. Other people prefer to use baking soda to clean and renew its luster, but some people also take it to the manufacturer for regular cleaning and removal of stains. When they are preserved properly, they can last for long periods of time.

Sterling silver ornaments easily follow fashion trends too because they can be easily incorporated into whatever the fad is. This is also favorable for the silver manufacturer because silver easily goes well with almost any color or design.

If you are looking for a silver manufacturer that showcases sterling silver variations, be sure to browse our online product catalog. Aside from the usual jewelry, you can also find silver key rings, silver baby gifts, bookmarks and charms that are of heirloom quality.

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Customized Sterling Silver Jewelry - 7/12/2010

With its increasing number of followers each day, sterling silver is becoming as popular as gold. However, if you want a unique and personalized feel to your sterling silver jewelry, whether it be a ring, necklace, or earring, here are a few ways on how to customize them.

When paying a visit to your sterling silver manufacturer, be sure to ask about engraving the jewelry or accessory with the name or initials. This is common for rings, especially when used as class rings or gifts to loved ones. Engraved sterling silver necklaces and bracelets with initials are also standard designs because they can easily be used as gifts and worn everyday to compliment an outfit.

The price range of custom jewelry from a sterling silver manufacturer depends on a lot of factors, including the design, materials used (gemstones and silver quality), as well as how unique the jewelry is. Customers can easily ask for a price quote before selecting and purchasing a sterling silver jewelry accessory. The advantage of personalized jewelry is that the pair is unique and the design is exclusively yours.

Newport Sterling is a sterling silver manufacturer who designs custom earrings, bracelets and necklaces. From combining gemstones and engraving the jewelry with initials, the company takes pride in using high-quality processes and delivering exceptional customer service to its clients worldwide. The products are also manufactured with authentic .925 sterling silver following the tradition of New England silversmiths.

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Sterling Silver Manufacturer Based in New England - 5/28/2010

For nearly fifty years, Newport Sterling has been recognized as one of the oldest and most respected silver jewelry manufacturers in the United States. Our 15,000 square foot facility located on the beautiful Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island is responsible for the creation of all of our products, ensuring the highest level of quality for each and every piece we make. As a sterling silver manufacturer following the tradition of New England silversmiths, we use the highest quality process of coining, machining, and hand polishing for our wide assortment of die struck sterling silver picture frames, key chains, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, baby gifts and more. Unlike many online retailers out there, we are more than happy to guarantee the authenticity and quality of our 100% American made products. Click here to learn more about our quality guarantee.

Showcasing unique and intricate designs, Newport’s sterling silver jewelry line makes an exceptional choice for various occasions. Our skill and manufacturing flexibility let us create sterling silver jewelry that is designed to fit the customer’s budget without sacrificing quality or style. No matter how simple or grand the occasion is, sterling silver jewelry can be the perfect touch to enhance a look or commemorate a special event. As a recognized silver designer and manufacturer of products with heirloom quality, Newport Sterling promises that our work can be passed on from generation to generation.

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Eco- Friendly “Green” Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer - 5/28/2010

Newport Sterling maintains the highest manufacturing standards at its facility which includes an emphasis on ethical, eco-friendly, manufacturing processes. Our unique closed-loop plating system system requires less than 10% of the water of a typical sterling silver manufacturer. By recycling the water used in all processes, Newport Sterling has minimized its environmental footprint – that means no harmful by-products and materials released to the water supply or atmosphere. Furthermore, Newport Sterling’s exacting standards can even guarantee that most of the silver used for its jewelry and accessories is 100% recycled. Click here to learn more about how Newport Sterling is doing its part to save the environment.

We believe that achieving a stylish, classic look shouldn’t cause harm to the environment. In this day and age more and more people are becoming conscious about buying eco-friendly products, and we’re proud to say that our jewelry is exactly that. From our manufacturing processes to the environmentally safe by-products and materials, Newport Sterling is a sterling silver jewelry manufacturer that can help you make a positive impact on any corporate social responsibility program.

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First-Class Among Silver Jewelry Manufacturers Worldwide - 5/28/2010

The history behind Newport Sterling and its designs dates back to the turn of the last century in the decades of Victorian design and the great ocean liners. All sterling silver items originate from bar and sheet stock in .925 / sterling silver, relate back to our close relationship with the sea, and are made to be as enduring as the rugged New England coastline. From memorable sterling silver picture frames, to simple and functional key chains and ornate sterling silver baby gifts, Newport Sterling has the silversmith’s skill and the manufacturing versatility to create custom gifts for our business accounts as well as stunning, high-quality jewelry and gifts for our valued customers.
Sterling silver jewelry is also a balance of simplicity and class. Newport Sterling showcases genuine sterling silver jewelry that conforms with the .925 sterling silver standard. This means that the jewelry is made of 92.5% silver combined with other metals like copper or alloy to make it malleable. Bracelets, necklaces, and pendants can also be engraved to make the jewelry more personal and customized. Whichever choice you make, Newport Sterling guarantees that it offers first-class sterling silver jewelry at its finest.

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Superior Product + Pricing Advantage - 5/27/2010

Over the course of nearly fifty years, Newport Sterling has created a culture where commitment to our clients and our products is of the utmost importance. There are a number of things we do to ensure a quality product and a happy client, including:  

  • A specialization in die struck custom metal work, high-speed machining, and other aspects of metal machining and forming.
  • We have considerable blanking and stamping capabilities including all of our secondary operations such as piercing and trimming. Other associated capabilities include progressive stamping and reel-to-reel stamping.
  • Primary and secondary machining operations
  • Pieces are treated with a clear electrophoretic coating (E-coat) process that provides excellent resistance to salt without discoloration, peeling, or fracturing as well as excellent resistance to ultraviolet breakdown (especially over gold)
  • Our polishing and finishing operation including deburring, sandblasting, and all aspects of hand polishing and staining, automated polishing operations for high volume projects.
  • Newport Sterling’s electroplating includes copper, nickel, gold, and silver electroplated finishes.
  • Other associated capabilities include duplex nickel plating for automotive applications and K-Klear HB clear coat (E-coat) as noted above

These processes allow us to consistently create a product that is on par with Tiffany’s in terms of overall quality, yet Newport Sterling’s MSRP is typically 20% below what you’ll find at Tiffany’s.

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Welcome to our newly improved website! - 1/28/2010

Welcome to Newport Sterling's brand new website! We are really excited about all of the new things happening at Newport Sterling and we'll be sure to communicate this information to you via our blog! Be sure to check back on the site frequently as we plan on adding a host of new products, additional information about our unique capabilities as a sterling silver manufacturer, and a new and improved Learning Center for our customers! Please have a look around and let us know what you think by contacting us directly at or by phone at 800.459.1800.


The Newport Sterling Team

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