Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufactured in New England

For nearly fifty years, Newport Sterling has been recognized as one of the oldest and most respected silver jewelry wholesale manufacturers in the United States. Our 15,000 square foot facility, located on beautiful Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, is responsible for each and every piece we make. As a silver jewelry designer following the tradition of New England silversmiths, we use only the highest quality processes when making our wide assortment of die struck sterling silver picture frames, key chains, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, rings, baby gifts and more. Few online retailers out there can make our guarantee: the authenticity and quality of our 100% American made luxury jewelry and fine gifts.



Tips on Preserving Sterling Silver Jewelry

Buying sterling silver jewelry is a long term decision because it emanates a timeless appeal. Wouldn’t you want to prolongthe life of your luxury jewelry and preserve it for a long time? If you have a sterling silver jewelry collection, below are some tips to help you.


Sterling Silver Jewelry Tips For Tender Loving Care

1. Use a Jewelry Box. Jewelry boxes are created for a reason. Use them to store your sterling silver jewelry. Silver jewelry manufacturers also advise you to store sterling silver inside a zip lock bag before storing it inside the jewelry box. I\Because of silver's tendancy to tarnish, it’s also best not to store sterling silver together with pearls, gold and any other kind of jewelry. Some boxes have dividers and sections, which are also pretty useful.

2. Use Soft Tools To Clean Silver. Scratches and abrasives can ruin sterling silver jewelry so you must be very careful when using cloth for cleaning. A gentle cloth will not only remove lotion, makeup or chemicals from the jewelry but also will make the jewelry shinier. Tarnish is the biggest issue among customers and it’s important to make sure that jewelry is polished by silver jewelry manufacturers every now and then.

3. Dip And Buff. Sterling silver dips are also cleaning solutions designed for sterling silver. Silver jewelry manufacturers typically do this. By dipping the silver jewelry in and out of the cleaning solution, it will help bring out the shine of the jewelry and make it look shiny again. Buffing the jewelry with a soft cotton cloth after using the cleaning dip can also help take out all the chemical residues.

4. Pins For Undoing Knots. Tangles and knots are also quite common with jewelry necklaces. To solve this problem, use a pin as the tool for loosening the knots and straighten out the strands. This can also result to breaking the silver jewelry altogether so taking it to silver jewelry manufacturers to for disentangling is also a good idea. Tucking the jewelry inside a case neatly avoids unwanted loops.


The value of jewelry diminishes once it has been damaged so these tips are very useful not only for sterling silver but other jewelry pieces. To browse a few of top-notch sterling silver pieces, click on our product catalog. Look for related posts on silver jewelry care.