Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufactured in New England

For nearly fifty years, Newport Sterling has been recognized as one of the oldest and most respected silver jewelry wholesale manufacturers in the United States. Our 15,000 square foot facility, located on beautiful Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, is responsible for each and every piece we make. As a silver jewelry designer following the tradition of New England silversmiths, we use only the highest quality processes when making our wide assortment of die struck sterling silver picture frames, key chains, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, rings, baby gifts and more. Few online retailers out there can make our guarantee: the authenticity and quality of our 100% American made luxury jewelry and fine gifts.



Business Accounts
  • Newport Sterling Business Accounts Information and Learning Center:

    Thank you for logging in to Newport Sterling’s Business Accounts section! Here you can learn more about the various manufacturing core competencies that we can offer to Corporate Accounts, Wholesalers, Promotional Companies, Independent Jewelry Retailers, and E-tailers. There are a number of primary reasons why clients select Newport Sterling:
  1. We always deliver a superior product while providing clients with a distinct pricing advantage
  2. We are a versatile, lean operation that can offer high levels of customization and shorter turnaround times
  3. We spend the time to understand your needs and constraints first, then we work backwards to get you the deliverable you want at a price that fits your budget
  4. Not only is all of our manufacturing done here in the US, but it’s done in-house – meaning we have complete control of the manufacturing process from the time the idea is finalized to when its shipped out the door
  5. We’re a socially responsible organization that uses recycled materials and eco-friendly processes to do our part to save the environment

See below for more detail on the value of having a business relationship with Newport Sterling.

Superior Product + Pricing Advantage:

Over the course of nearly fifty years, Newport Sterling has created a culture where commitment to our clients and our products is of the utmost importance. There are a number of things we do to ensure a quality product and a happy client, including:  

  • A specialization in die struck custom metal work, high-speed machining, and other aspects of metal machining and forming.
  • We have considerable blanking and stamping capabilities including all of our secondary operations such as piercing and trimming. Other associated capabilities include progressive stamping and reel-to-reel stamping.
  • Primary and secondary machining operations
  • Pieces are treated with a clear electrophoretic coating (E-coat) process that provides excellent resistance to salt without discoloration, peeling, or fracturing as well as excellent resistance to ultraviolet breakdown (especially over gold)
  • Our polishing and finishing operation including deburring, sandblasting, and all aspects of hand polishing and staining, automated polishing operations for high volume projects.
  • Newport Sterling’s electroplating includes copper, nickel, gold, and silver electroplated finishes.
  • Other associated capabilities include duplex nickel plating for automotive applications and K-Klear HB clear coat (E-coat) as noted above


Sterling Silver Manufacturer For All Your Needs 

Now more than ever, you need consistent quality and unfailing reliability from your vendors. You also need flexibility, competitive pricing, and the experience to understand your unique business needs. Newport Sterling silver manufacturer can be that vendor for all of your silver, sterling silver, and silver plated accessories. Newport Sterling has:

  • A track record of serving a wide variety of distinguished brands over the past 45+ years
  • Fast turnaround, in-house manufacturing capabilities
  • Expertise in producing high-quality corporate and promotional gifts including sterling silver key chains, silver picture frames, Christmas ornaments, custom cuff links, and much more
  • Know-how to produce custom gifts that meet both a client’s product specifications and price point


These processes allow us to consistently create a product that is on par with Tiffany’s in terms of overall quality, yet Newport Sterling’s MSRP is typically 20% below what you’ll find at Tiffany’s. Please scroll down to see a few examples of the type of custom sterling silver manufacturing work we can offer our business clients:

Example #1: Custom Key Ring

Silver Key Ring


Example #2: Custom Letter Opener

Silver Letter Opener


Example #3: Award Pin

Silver Award Pin


Example #4: Custom Cuff Links

Silver Cuff Links


Example #5: Custom Pendant

Silver Pendant


Example #6: Award

Silver Award


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